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3 summer driving hazards and how to avoid them

When you think about dangerous driving conditions, you probably picture torrential rains, ample snowfall and black ice, among other potentially dangerous concerns. But summertime has its own unique hazards, though they receive less publicity and can be easy to forget about when the windows are down and the sun is on your face.

Staying attentive and vigilant behind the wheel is just as critical during the summer season as it is during the wintertime, however. Know and understand that numerous accidents occur every summer because of these factors:

1. Inexperienced drivers

When school lets out for the summer, you will soon find yourself sharing the road with a plethora of inexperienced drivers. More inexperienced drivers on the roadways mean more accidents, so leave ample room between cars and remain on high alert at all times to improve your chances of avoiding a crash.

2. Road construction

If it seems as if there is construction-related traffic around every corner in the summer, there probably is. When the temperatures rise and the sun comes out, construction crews have to get on the roads and get them back in tip-top shape before the fall and winter move back in. In addition to creating traffic backups, which cause accidents, new construction patterns and construction-related obstructions also contribute to the number of car accidents occurring during summer months.  

3. Distracted driving

While it is true that distracted driving is a problem year-round, it can prove even more so in the summer season. When inexperienced teen drivers take their eyes, hands and attention away from the car’s controls to send texts, make calls and engage in other dangerous distracted driving behaviors, the results can prove especially deadly.

Learning to identify seasonal driving hazards can help you avoid them, but even the most cautious drivers can fall victim to these dangers. If you suffered injury in a car accident due to the actions of someone or something else, you may want to discuss your situation with an attorney. 

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