Understanding Car Insurance Coverage and How It Affects You

After a car accident, collecting compensation from your insurance company or that of a party who has caused you injury is not always a simple matter. Although drivers in Reno, NV, and throughout the state are required to have insurance coverage for property damage and bodily injury, the required coverage amounts may not be enough to help you fully recover if you suffer a serious catastrophic injury. Meanwhile, it is not uncommon for a victim's own insurance company to act in bad faith by denying payout or providing inadequate compensation.

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An attorney can help make sure that insurance companies pay what you are owed.

Auto insurance lawyer William R. Kendall can assess the full extent of your losses and determine whether compensation from an insurance company is sufficient. To learn more about how you can collect what you are truly owed from an insurance company, request your free consultation online or call us at (775) 324-6464.

Understanding Coverage 

Nevada motorists are required to have two types of coverage: 

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury

Both have minimum and maximum coverage amounts. Although assessing your losses in terms of property damage can be straightforward in some cases, losses resulting from injuries can be much more complex when it comes to determining how your capacity to earn money and lead a fulfilling life will be affected. 

Without the proper compensation for your injuries, you may find it difficult or impossible to ever fully recover. 

Why Hire a Lawyer? 

The truth is that insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. In fact, it is in their best interest to convince you to accept the lowest payout possible. Meanwhile, the true extent of your losses may not be immediately apparent to you, especially those pertaining to your health. The true ramifications of a serious injury may not be clear until long after the accident, and without legal representation, you face the risk of having to pay for colossal medical bills out of your own pocket.

Injured victims need an advocate, and personal injury attorney William Kendall can fight for your rights. He can work with trusted medical professionals and other experts to illustrate the true depth of your losses. Mr. Kendall can also demonstrate losses such as the pain and suffering that you have suffered as a result of the accident. With his help, you can pursue a compensation amount that ensures you and your loved ones will not be burdened by devastating financial hardship due to an insurance company's efforts to protect its own bottom line. 

Schedule Your Consultation 

Pursuing what you are owed by an insurance company can be incredibly difficult without legal representation in your corner. And without the proper compensation for your injuries, you may find it difficult or impossible to ever fully recover. To speak to William Kendall about your case, request a consultation online or call our Reno, NV, injury law office at (775) 324-6464. You can depend on Mr. Kendall to use all resources at his disposal to make certain that insurance companies pay you the maximum compensation you deserve.

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