An Attorney Can Help You Recover following a Serious Car Accident

Car accidents cause injuries that are too often utterly life-changing. The right attorney will aggressively pursue reimbursement that fully covers all of your losses. Victims of car accidents are entitled to demand payment for lost wages, medical bills, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and in some cases, punitive damages. William R. Kendall iReno, NV, offers aggressive advocacy for victims of car accidents and their families. Mr. Kendall understands that no amount of money can fully make up for your injuries, but will do everything he can to help restore your former quality of life.

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If you are able, take pictures of the accident scene and also note specifics regarding the time of day, weather, and other details. 

What To Do after an Accident

The moments after an accident can be a blur, but if you know what to do immediately after a crash you can help your case by:

  • Getting out of traffic if you are able to do so, which will allow emergency vehicles a clear path to you and will also help prevent more damage from being done by oncoming traffic.
  • Make note of your injuries, and check on your passengers if you are able.
  • Get the contact information for all witnesses, including their name and phone numbers. In the coming days, your attorney will need to take a statement from all witnesses and it is helpful to have their information close at hand.
  • Take photos of the damage to the vehicles and of the accident scene. You will want to make note of the time of day, the location of the accident, the weather and road conditions, and the direction each vehicle was going prior to the accident.
  • Get the name and the insurance information for the other driver. This helps to expedite making a claim for damages.

It is also important that you do not admit fault. The officer that arrives on scene will make a written report and you do not want any record of having taken responsibility for the accident. Most importantly, you need to contact a qualified car accident lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Distracted Driving and Other Causes

An accident can happen in many ways, but some of the most common causes include:

  • Driving too fast
  • Failing to yield, stop, or otherwise obey traffic signals
  • Texting while driving, or other distracted driving habits
  • Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Aggressive driving (road rage) is also a leading cause of car accidents, as is operating a vehicle with a recalled or faulty part. If you have been in an accident, it is critical to pinpoint the cause of the accident so an effective strategy for obtaining maximum recovery can be developed.

Who Is At Fault?

Mr. Kendall understands that no amount of money can fully make up for your injuries, but will do everything he can to help restore your former quality of life.

Victims are able to begin pursuing financial damages for car accidents only after establishing who caused the crash. This is done by investigating the facts of the case, talking to witnesses, and going over the police report. Once all of the pieces of evidence are reviewed, a competent car accident attorney is able to determine fault and make a demand for damages from the liable driver.

Why Hire An Attorney?

It might seem like a good idea to settle your case on your own by talking to the insurance adjuster for the other side. But keep in mind the adjuster does not represent you, and does not have your best interests in mind. Your attorney will fight for every bit of compensation you need to fully recover, will negotiate fairly on your behalf, and will make sure a lawsuit is filed on time if a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached.

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If you have been in an accident, let us help. Mr. Kendall has been assisting victims of car accidents since 1994, and is committed to standing by you and your family during this difficult time. You can schedule a free case review by contacting us online calling (775) 324-6464.

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