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Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you or someone you love been injured by an act of negligence? You shouldn’t have to pay the price.

Personal injury lawyer William R. Kendall of Reno, NV, can help your family recover the compensation you deserve.

Why should Bill Kendall be the attorney you call after a personal injury?

The Personal Injury Attorney You Need


It's true that personal injury lawyers don't have the best reputations, but Bill Kendall is not like other attorneys. He only takes on personal injury cases that he truly believes in, and he is always truthful with his clients about their chances of success.

Solo Practitioner

The Law Office of William R. Kendall only has one attorney: Mr. Kendall himself. When you work with Bill Kendall, he will get to know you personally and devote his entire attention to your case. Your file won't be passed to some inexperienced paralegal.

Free Consultations

Bill Kendall is happy to offer free consultations to personal injury victims and their families in Reno, NV. During a consultation, Mr. Kendall will review the circumstances of your case and honestly explain what he thinks is your best possible legal outcome.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Is It Worth It?

Recovering the money you deserve shouldn't take a law degree, but sometimes it does. Nevada personal injury law itself is incredibly complicated and not understanding the legalities of your case could mean you settle for less than you are owed. 

In personal injury cases, you will also be dealing with insurance companies that only care about protecting their bottom line. By hiring a personal injury attorney, you can be sure to have someone knowledgeable in your corner to help fight for you and what you deserve.

Bill Kendall's Perspective

"I don’t like the word 'accident.' Why? Because most personal injuries are the result of someone’s carelessness, inattentiveness, recklessness, or intentional conduct. Being struck by lightning is an 'accident.' Personal injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions, falls, injuries from defective products, or dog bites are almost always the result of someone’s negligence." Bill Kendall

Meet Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Bill Kendall has practiced personal injury law in Reno, NV, since 1994. Before starting his own law firm, he worked as a defense attorney for insurance companies, so he understands how insurers think and operate.

Bill Kendall loves being a personal injury attorney because he gets to help innocent victims achieve justice. As your lawyer, he will go above and beyond to help your family collect as much compensation as possible. With his personalized care and over 20 years of experience, Bill Kendall is the personal injury lawyer you want in your corner. Give our Reno, NV, office a call today to set up your free consultation.

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Bill Kendall

"Don’t go to anyone else! William R. Kendall is your guy!" 5-Star Ratings


Dominic Saldana


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Mr Kendall is a great attorney, who’s focus is on settling your case so you’re able to focus on recovery without excessive stress. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants an attorney that cares about his clients.

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Darius Thompson


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William is 100% your go to man. I was injured and stuck on my sofa for 6 months and he came to me. He cares, he is punctual, he delivers and he knows what he is doing. Don’t go to anyone else! William R. Kendall is your guy!

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Time Is Limited

Nevada has a 2 year statutes of limitations
According to Nevada personal injury law, victims have two years from the date of their injury in which to file a claim (in most circumstances).

You Can Afford an Attorney

Victims and their families are often concerned about the cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer. However, when you work with Bill Kendall, you won't have to stress about finances. Mr. Kendall handles personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means that his fee will be a reasonable percentage of an eventual verdict or settlement. If your personal injury claim is ultimately unsuccessful, then you won't owe our law firm a dime.

Not Sure If You Have a Personal Injury Case? Ask Yourself These Three Questions:

Was Someone Else at Fault?

The first and most important thing to determine is who was at fault? To recover any damages you must be able to prove your accident was caused by another negligent party. The negligent party could be a person, a corporation, or a manufacturer of a defective product.

Were There Any Witnesses?

Determining if there were any witnesses to your injury could help provide you with evidence when building your case. While it is not legally necessary to have a witness, you will have to provide some form of evidence other than your own experience to prove negligence on another party. Having a witness or video from a nearby street camera is the most effective way to prove your case.

How Serious Are Your Injuries?

Personal injury cases are complicated, time-consuming, and involve multiple parties. If you are only seeking to recover a few hundred dollars in damages, your case will most likely not be worth the time, effort, and resources needed to win.

How to Win A Personal Injury Case

Bill Kendall will be by your side ensuring you are updated on every step of the process
Bill Kendall will be by your side ensuring you are updated on every step of the process

Hire an Experienced Attorney

Once you have answered the three questions of "Do I have a case?" the next step is to set up a consultation with our Reno, NV, law office to meet with our personal injury attorney, Bill Kendall. Ensuring you have proper legal representation in your corner will solidify your chances of winning and recovering the damages you are owed.

Gather Evidence

To win your case you need proof of another negligent party. You will need to collect evidence such as witness statements, medical bills, police reports, or any other documentation that might be necessary to prove your case. Bill Kendall will be there to let you know what documentation is necessary and will help you gather and preserve the evidence needed to win your case.

Don't Settle

When it comes to getting what you are owed, you should not settle for less than the best. Insurance companies will typically try to make a quick settlement leaving you with less than what is deserved. With our personal injury attorney in your corner, you can be sure to get the best possible option. Bill Kendall will be with you every step of the way and will not advise you to take any deal unless it is what you deserve.

Let's Discuss Your Case Request a Free Consultation

When your life has been upended by a personal injury, it is difficult to know where to turn. The best course of action is to discuss your case with a trustworthy personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Contact the Law Office of William R. Kendall in Reno, NV, to schedule a totally free, no-obligation consultation.

Consultations with Mr. Kendall are informative and honest. If he doesn't think he's the right lawyer for your case, he will tell you so. He'll make sure that you leave your initial consultation with a better understanding of your legal options.

You can request your consultation with our personal injury attorney right now by contacting us online or giving us a call.

Call Bill Kendall: (775) 324-6464

Construction worker using phone after accident

"Our case came out better than we hoped for!" More 5-Star Ratings


heather manalang


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Bill was excellent in dealing with my issues regarding the car accident I was in. He did a wonderful job helping me with the insurance company and the medical professionals as well as referring me to a medical professional that would see me without payment until the case was resolved. I appreciate all your help Bill, thank you.

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Mr Kendall made our experience so effortless and effective.He was was always on top of our needs and very much in contact with us throughout the whole process.Our case came out better than we hoped for! we know we could not have gotten the same results without his invaluable help!We are very pleased with how quickly he got our issue resolved.Outstanding work very professional. Would HIGHLY recommend!

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Personal Injury Practice Areas

Car Accidents

After a car accident, insurance companies will usually try to deny or undervalue claims. Bill Kendall has the legal knowledge and dedication to hold insurers and negligent drivers accountable.

Read More about Car Accident Claims

Truck Accidents

Because of their size, trucks and other commercial vehicles can cause enormous damage when they are operated improperly. On top of that, truck accidents tend to be incredibly complex from a liability standpoint, as so many parties can be involved. Bill Kendall can help your family take on even the largest trucking companies to achieve justice.

Read More about Truck Accident Claims

Defective Products

When you or someone in your family is injured by a defective product, you have the right to file a personal injury claim. Our personal injury lawyer can collect evidence to show that the product manufacturer is responsible for your hardship.

Explore Defective Product Claims

Dog Bites

Dog owners can be held legally responsible when their dogs attack. Bill Kendall can help you recover the restitution you deserve after these traumatic injuries.

Read More about Dog Bite Claims

Premises Liability

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for their visitors. If you've suffered a slip-and-fall, trip-and-fall, or some other kind of injury in a casino, grocery store, or even someone else's private property, Bill Kendall can determine if you have a viable premises liability case.

Read More about Premises Liability

Wrongful Death

If an act of negligence has caused the death of a loved one, we are truly sorry. When your family hires personal injury attorney Bill Kendall, he will do everything he can to hold responsible parties accountable and achieve some level of justice.

Read More about Wrongful Death Cases

"Mr. Kendall Is Absolutely Great."


charmaine washington


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Mr. Kendall is absolutely great. He is very professional and treated me like family. He's very informative and answered all my questions.
Thanks Mr. Kendall for all your help

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Regner Ramos


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Mr.Kendall is a very efficient attorney. Managing to tip expectations of service to an all-time high. He made a tremendous effort. He managed to do an excellent job on my case and I highly recommend him.

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William R. Kendall, Esq.

Law Office of William R. Kendall

The Law Office of William R. Kendall has served the legal needs of Reno, NV, for over 25 years. As your personal injury lawyer, Bill Kendall can provide his counsel for a range of legal issues including:

  • Car Accidents
  • Casino Injuries 
  • Slip and Fall
  • Bad Faith Insurance
  • Truck Accidents

To schedule a free consultation today, contact Bill Kendall online or call (775) 324-6464​.

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"We have used Bill's services through the years. You will not find an attorney more professional, honest and caring. He has consistently resolved our issues. We would highly recommend his services to all." Deborah D.
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