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Winter driving tips for Reno

Nevada may be a desert, but the northern part of the state experiences all four seasons. This means you need to know how to drive in winter weather if you live in or visit the Reno area. Being prepared can decrease your chances of getting into a collision with another motorist.

Of course, you cannot control the negligent driving of other people on the road. However, you can take these safety measures to help avoid a crash.

Be prepared

Before you hit the road, prepare your route and vehicle by following this checklist:

  • Look up the weather and traffic. 
  • Choose a route with the best road conditions.
  • Make sure your vehicle has gas and other necessary fluids.
  • Check your tire tread and pressure.

In addition, keep an emergency kit in your trunk that contains blankets, tire chains, flashlights, batteries, flares and other helpful supplies. 

Slow down

The number one rule for winter driving is to slow down. Slick roads from rain, snow and ice make it harder to slow down or brake without losing control. Go below the speed limit in inclement weather and avoid using cruise control. Keep plenty of distance between your car and other vehicles so you have more room for stopping. When the person behind you follows too closely, pull over so the driver can pass you instead of rear ending you. If you start to skid, do not slam on your brakes. Go in the direction of the skid while slowly easing off the accelerator.

Use your headlights

Headlights are not just for increasing your range of vision in darkness. They also help you see during the day when it is rainy, snowy or foggy. Just as important, they help other motorists see you.

Watch for snowplows

If you want clear roads, you will have to deal with sharing the road with snowplows. Remember that the size, design and job of the snowplow affects the driver's ability to see you. Keep your distance and only pass when it is safe and legal to do so.

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