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When a car crash causes traumatic brain injury

The violent impact that occurs in a typical car crash can give rise to many kinds of serious injuries. Traumatic brain injury numbers among the severe consequences of an accident that can continue to affect victims' lives for a long time.

Due to its nature, TBI can sometimes be difficult to prove when you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. However, its impact on one's quality of life can mean an even greater need for legal compensation.

Delayed symptoms

The first issue with TBI is that symptoms do not always appear instantly and many people fail to recognize them when they do. Even severe TBI symptoms can take as long as a few days to show up; mild symptoms may take weeks.

Unconsciousness and amnesia

The hallmark of TBI generally consists of loss of consciousness and memory loss. For severe cases, the period of unconsciousness lasts 30 minutes or more, with memory loss extending about 24 hours or more. Unconsciousness and memory loss lasting less than this generally classifies the trauma as mild TBI.

Common symptoms may not be obvious

Typical symptoms of mild TBI, which may also herald the presence of a more severe form, include headaches, blurry vision, sleepiness, lack of focus, irritability and nausea. Severe TBI may also entail complete or severe impairment of physical and cognitive abilities, while mild TBI generally causes a lesser level of impairment.

Why diagnosis can be complicated

Traditional imaging techniques may not detect the presence of mild TBI, so it can be hard to diagnose. When you go to the emergency room from the accident scene, you may not receive a TBI diagnosis. However, this does not mean you are fine. Watch out for the above symptoms or any other changes in your mental and physical health, and see a physician as soon as you can.

Severe and unpredictable effects

The long-term effects of any type of brain damage can be hard to chart. Some people may recover quickly with relatively mild effects, while others may need extensive rehabilitative therapy for the rest of their lives. Even relatively mild symptoms can cumulatively interfere with the ability to work and enjoy life, increasing the need for legal compensation.

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