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Don't gamble with your slip-and-fall accident claim

No matter how much you win playing poker or the slot machines, your trip to a Reno casino can end badly if you suffer injuries in a fall. There is a very real risk of these types of accidents, considering the size of many casinos and the number of people who visit them every day.

However, establishments including casinos will often go to great lengths to avoid taking responsibility - and having to pay - for slip-and-fall accidents. This means that you will likely come up against an aggressive defense when you file a claim seeking damages.

One defense strategy is to blame you for your own injuries. A property owner might say you were drunk, or that a reasonable person would have avoided an obstacle. He or she could say that you purposefully fell and suffered serious pain simply for financial gain, or that you were trespassing.

Property owners might also just deny everything. They might say there was no obstacle; if there was an obstacle, the owners might say there was no way they could have known about it. Even if they did know or should have known about a dangerous condition, they might say their response in dealing with the hazard was appropriate.

Another strategy might be to affirm that you fell and that a dangerous condition existed, but argue that there was not enough time to correct the condition.

Each of these defenses has the potential to be effective and result in a dismissal of your claim, so it is crucial that you are aware of them and have the skills to make the better argument.

If you don't have a legal background or experience with personal injury claims, this can be a monumental challenge. Instead of taking your chances by pursuing a claim on your own, it can be wise to discuss your option with an attorney experienced in premises liability claims. While you may not play it safe when it comes to gambling, you may want to hedge your bets and seek legal support and guidance when it comes to your health.

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