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Winter driving tips for Reno

Nevada may be a desert, but the northern part of the state experiences all four seasons. This means you need to know how to drive in winter weather if you live in or visit the Reno area. Being prepared can decrease your chances of getting into a collision with another motorist.

Of course, you cannot control the negligent driving of other people on the road. However, you can take these safety measures to help avoid a crash.

When a car crash causes traumatic brain injury

The violent impact that occurs in a typical car crash can give rise to many kinds of serious injuries. Traumatic brain injury numbers among the severe consequences of an accident that can continue to affect victims' lives for a long time.

Due to its nature, TBI can sometimes be difficult to prove when you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. However, its impact on one's quality of life can mean an even greater need for legal compensation.

3 summer driving hazards and how to avoid them

When you think about dangerous driving conditions, you probably picture torrential rains, ample snowfall and black ice, among other potentially dangerous concerns. But summertime has its own unique hazards, though they receive less publicity and can be easy to forget about when the windows are down and the sun is on your face.

Staying attentive and vigilant behind the wheel is just as critical during the summer season as it is during the wintertime, however. Know and understand that numerous accidents occur every summer because of these factors:

What are the three types of driver distraction?

If you are like most American motorists, you probably spend the better part of your day trying to decide how to cram 48 hours of work, chores and family time into a 24-hour period. To maximize time, many people try to multitask behind the wheel, but doing so often has devastating consequences.

Don't gamble with your slip-and-fall accident claim

No matter how much you win playing poker or the slot machines, your trip to a Reno casino can end badly if you suffer injuries in a fall. There is a very real risk of these types of accidents, considering the size of many casinos and the number of people who visit them every day.

However, establishments including casinos will often go to great lengths to avoid taking responsibility - and having to pay - for slip-and-fall accidents. This means that you will likely come up against an aggressive defense when you file a claim seeking damages.

An unexpected silent killer

As electric vehicles and hybrids take up more of the road, there's been an unexpected effect. Their quiet engines are hard for blind and hard of sight pedestrians to locate and it causes up to 2,400 injuries each year.

Studies show an increased collision rate between electric or hybrid vehicles and pedestrians, likely because people can't hear them coming.

With the new Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 141, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will require all slow moving hybrids and electric cards to emit a sound when traveling up to 19 mph. Anything faster than that creates street noise via tire and wind forces.

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