How I Can Help You

After an accident, insurance companies will try to make your life difficult. They know you need money, and they are going to make every effort to take advantage of you at this time. It is essential that you have an experienced attorney committed to protecting your interests.

You have many personal injury firms that you can turn to when you need help with your personal injury claims. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you some of the reasons that you should hire my firm, the Law Office of William R. Kendall, to handle your case.

I Will Be The One Who Is Doing The Work On Your Case

I am a solo attorney. I do not have any junior associates at the firm who take these cases after you meet with me. When you hire me, you get me and my over two decades of legal experience working for you.

As your attorney, I am the one who will do every single thing on your case. I will provide you with personal and customized legal services so that you know I am committed to obtaining the result that is best for you.

It is important to note that before starting my firm, I worked for the other side in these cases. My experience in insurance defense has helped me know how they handle these types of claims. I will use this knowledge to help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation available to you.

I Have A Strong Record Of Success For My Clients

Through the past two-plus decades, I have gained a deep understanding of what it takes to prepare a successful accident claim. I have helped thousands of Nevada families find justice. I know how to properly determine the value of each case I handle and pursue an outcome that meets or exceeds my client's goals.

I will study all options available to us when handling your claims. Whether I am able to negotiate a settlement with insurers, or need to arbitrate or litigate your case, I am ready. I am an experienced trial attorney, having successfully handled over 20 jury trials for my clients. I am here to help no matter which direction your case ends up taking.

I Am Going To Be Honest With You About Your Case

When you meet with me, I am going to perform a thorough review of your case. I will let you know what I believe to be its strengths and weaknesses and the impact that this may have on the potential value of your claims. I tell it like it is.

I want you to know exactly what to expect with the process, so that you are informed about what is going on. When you have questions about an offer from an insurance company, I will provide you with a cost-benefit analysis to help you determine if the settlement is in your best interests.

Find Out More About My Practice

To schedule your free consultation with an experienced lawyer, please call my Reno office at 775-324-6464 or send me an email. I represent clients in a number of different types of personal injury cases, and I am happy to talk with you more about your claims.