An Experienced Attorney Helping You Find Results

Motor vehicle accident claims are often extremely complex cases, and they present many challenges that have the potential to negatively impact your claims. You need to make sure you are doing everything that you can to protect your right to recover maximum compensation for your expenses and damages by talking to an experienced attorney.

The Law Office of William R. Kendall, in Reno, Nevada, is a firm that is focused on providing clients with aggressive representation with their car accident claims. I have an extensive record of success in these cases, having helped thousands of families recover compensation over more than two decades of personal injury litigation.

What I Do, And How I Can Help You

You will sit down with me to discuss your case in depth. I will review the facts to determine the appropriate next steps. If you need additional care, I will make sure that you see the right doctors. I will then evaluate your claims, and begin communicating with the insurance companies in an attempt to successfully and efficiently resolve your claim.

The types of motor vehicle accident cases where I provide assistance include:

  • Car crashes, including rear-end collisions and T-bone accidents at intersections
  • Trucking accidents caused by distracted, fatigued or impaired truck drivers
  • Motorcycle crashes resulting from motorists who do not see motorcyclists on roadways
  • Any and all other types of motor vehicle crashes

After the accident, there are many things that I will need you to do to ensure that you do not jeopardize the compensation that may be potentially available to you. You should never discuss your case on social media websites. Do not make any posts while your case is pending, because insurers will look to your profiles to gather information to use against you.

In many cases, I may be able to reach an agreement with the insurance companies that provides you with a reasonable settlement of your claims. However, should the insurers make it impossible to resolve your case, I have a record of success at trial. I am prepared to take whatever path is necessary in order to help you get results.

A Strong Advocate To Protect Your Auto Accident Claims

To schedule a free consultation with a lawyer who has handled personal injury cases for over 20 years, call me at 775-324-6464. You may also send me an email using my contact form. I represent clients in Reno and the surrounding areas.